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Best Builder Website

  • 2015 - 2016 International Property Awards Winner - Developer Website
  • 2015 HOBI Award Winner - Best Builder Website

    Description is built upon bootstrap framework and is fully responsive. It adapts to window resolution and looks great on all devices, be it desktop computers, tablets or smartphones. Our web design is focused around providing an intuitive and satisfying experience for all users. With the latest data showing mobile digital media at 51% compared to 42% for desktop, one of our top design priorities was to be able to reach our audience through mobile search and display.

The website is written in HTML5 in combination with CSS3 and Javascript. One visually interesting outcome of this programming technology team-up is the dynamic transitions, such as hovering a mouse over a button to see the button change color or (list another). The animations and transitions keep this clean scrolling website attractive and engaging. All animations are viewable on mobile devices as well.

Mobile users are generally more visually-oriented. They would rather click on a saved bookmark or an app icon than type the website’s URL on their mini qwerty keyboards. For this reason, visitors to our website from an iOS or Android device can bookmark the site in the form of an app icon and then download to their device. Not only does it provide easy access for the viewer, but having our branded app icon on their phone is good exposure.