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Jewish Community Center

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When this JCC needed to have its deteriorating parking lots rebuilt, Karp Associates happily helped this non-profit project. After initial testing by an engineering and boring firm to determine the nature and scope of the project, we wrote an extensive project scope and put the project out to bid. When the bids came in significantly beyond the JCC’s budget, we volunteered to project manage the endeavor on their tight budget. As work began, despite the prior testing, our team found extensive sinkholes and buried debris from the original construction. Additionally, the front portico was rebuilt to accommodate the height of the new model of the JCC’s mini buses.

This project was completed in less time than the bidders had outlined and under the budgeted amount, even with extensive additional field conditions. The JCC was extremely happy with the $150,000 it saved.

A few years later in 2020, the JCC was in need for another major renovation due to its outdated locker rooms. 100% of the interior of the men’s and women’s locker rooms were demolished and re-built. During demolition we discovered severe deterioration in the structure and old plumbing pipes completely rusted through. After tackling the mechanical and structural deficiencies, we were able to focus on the overall aesthetics of the new space. Some exciting features of the locker rooms are the State-Of-The-Art sauna and steam rooms that create a true spa-like feeling. Multi-textured wall tiles which spans the entire length of the locker room accentuates the spa-like atmosphere. All areas of the JCC are now ADA compliant with handicap accessible showers and bathroom stalls with room for an aid to accompany the member. For those who chose to swim, a swimsuit spin dyer is conveniently built-in to all locker rooms. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, KARP was not slowed down and completed the project in 8 months. New ERV units were installed to double the capacity of air circulation for the renovated space. Warmly lit locker rooms bring out the canvas of monochrome greys and whites which offer a relaxing and inviting atmosphere post workout.

The JCC was extremely happy with the $150,000 it saved.

Arnold Karp